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Are you tired of shopping for different contractors for every little job you do?  Time and money are valuable and we want to save you a ton of it.  We have been in the business of renovating houses the past 10 years and decided that our savings were so good, we wanted to share them.  We have a group of contractors we constantly work with that have agreed to pre-negotiated rates and pricing. 

For example, a local cabinet company in Tampa, quoted a friend of ours $5,500 for a full cabinet install on an investment property.  We came over, took a look at the the project and made 1 call to our cabinet guy.  He came out, measured and sent me a quote for $4,000 for the exact same cabinets.  Think of all the time my friend could have saved by calling us.


As the years passed on, we ended up getting a resale certificate and forming our own company to buy wholesale at the lowest possible price.  We in turn have been passing the savings along to our friends and family.


We have Granite as low as $35.00 a sq ft and Carpet as low as $1.99 sq ft installed.  Lowe's and Home Depot sell granite starting at $41.00 sq ft and $2.55 sq ft for carpet.  No one can touch our prices.


Best of all, you pay us nothing extra.  All of our contractors pay us a marketing fee for getting them the job.  Everyone is happy!


we are only a phone call away

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